About Tacoma Dance

Jackie Torres

Jackie started as an early teen dancing ballet and tap. Then in 1997 a dear friend said that she was missing something in life. He was right, he said it was dance. Jackie started taking ballroom lessons and never stopped.

She began teaching and went on to own her own studio in University Place, but soon realized that owning a studio and running the business end of it,  didn't allow her to pursue her true love: Dance!

Jackie decided to operate as an independent dance instructor which gave her time to focus on students and the love of dance. She then began competing professionally and trained with dozens of world and national champions.

Today she no longer competes professionally, and instead shares her knowledge and experience with students to help them develop into beautiful dancers themselves.

Me Time

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys gardening and cooking. When asked to choose, she said that her favorite dance  would have to be Cha Cha, "It's fast, sassy and sharp".