Dance Lessons

Why Should You Dance?

Dance for fun. Its fun to learn something new that you can actually use in any social setting. Whether it’s to meet new people or to learn something with your partner where you’re in the same boat together starting from the beginning.

Dance for fit. The benefits of dancing for fitness are innumerable. When we use our mind and body to create beautiful movements we burn calories and raise brain serotonin, which makes us happy. Dancing aids in the prevention of many mental and health disorders. We see positive results both physical and emotional.

Dance for life. Dancing for life is 2 fold. When we dance it improves the quality of our life. When we feel more confident, it shows. When you have learned to dance, you will have it always the rest of your life.

Private Lessons

An excellent way to progress fast in a very efficient way. You will receive the guidance and direction designed for your skill level and at your pace. You can schedule your lessons at a time that’s convenient for you. On your lesson, you will learn a variety of dance patterns, lead and follow, timing, technique and style. We understand that with a busy schedule, you may need to change times from week to week. We are flexible in our scheduling. Private lessons may be for either 1 person, you and and the instructor, or for a couple. Private lessons are 55 minutes.

Private Group Lessons

A great way for a group of friends to take classes together at a time that's convenient for the group. You can request 1 dance or learn as many as you want. Whether it be a group of your girlfriends or bridal party preparing for a wedding. The options are endless!

On Site Instruction

Ideal for those who would like to have dance instruction for a large event or special occasion. Whether it be a family reunion, school occasion or a business function. We can come to you. Additional charges apply. 

Dance Parties

Held twice a month at Pacific Ballroom Dance so you can practice everything you learn on your lessons! Click here to check for exact time and dates.

No Partner Necessary