Reviews / Testimonials


Tacoma Dance Lessons Ballroom Latin Wedding I had some salsa background and I came to Jackie hoping to pick up some other dances. Jackie knows a lot of dances, but her emphasis is on the fundamental technique that makes you look good regardless of the dance. With patience, effort, and Jackie's help, my dancing has been transformed.


Tacoma Dance Lessons Ballroom Latin Wedding You are a Gifted/Skilled dancer and expert instructor, Your experience and ability to communicate make it a joy to study dance with you.


Tacoma Dance Lessons Ballroom Latin Wedding While I took a ballroom dancing class in college I never had the opportunity to have personal training from a professional. Jackie was creative with her choreagraphy, thorough and clear with her teaching and has a teaching style that is kind, reinforcing yet always striving for high quality outcomes and a great look. She made dancing so much fun and a great experience for me


Tacoma Dance Lessons Ballroom Latin Wedding Within minutes of meeting Jackie we knew that she would have the sense of humor that we thought would be needed to help us move forward. Not only does Jackie have that sense of humor, but she is adaptable and accommodating and ensures that she doesn’t dictate a style of learning or style of dance that is not conducive to you.

--Rob & Barbara